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Milk Chocolate Makers With Valor

Fact: In medieval times there were many knights. These knights fought with calor. Many also loved chocolate. Fact: In modern times there are many chocolatiers. These chocolatiers fight for market share. Only one is Valor. Valor Milk Chocolate is that chocolate. You can tell they take their product seriously because they use Copperplate Gothic Bold […]

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Chocolate Mexican Style Boldness!!!

Mijita is a fun word to say and it’s a fun site to visit with it’s rich and frequent use of Copperplate Gothic Bold. Not onlyl do they serve up rich chocolately treats for desert but they also feature some pretty kickass food as well. We’ve never been there, probably never will eat there, but […]

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cake man lives man dies and it's all vanity Copperplate Gothic Bold

Mans born, man lives, man dies…and it’s all vanity. Cake!!!

Short and sweet…literally. Cake is great and they use Copperplate Gothic Bold. Just let it simmer and contemplate how truly great this is. “Man is born, man lives, man dies…and it’s all vanity.” Their new B-sides and rarities CD is great. The lyric from above is from a preacher they sampled and played along with. […]

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Why Are Elephants Good Workers? They Work For Peanuts!!!

I’ll tell you what this posting is …absolutely nuts!!! These peanuts were found at the annual AUSA convention in DC. Locally grown and created, and were surprisingly fresh and tasty. The best kind of swag you can giveaway at a huge convention of men staring at large tanks, guns, and armor is food. People get […]

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A Segway uses a Gyro, so does Greek Food!!!

You say too-may-toe I say toh-mah-toh, you say hie-roh I say jie-roh. Whatever the Greeks were thinking or smoking they certainly got one thing right, they promoted their food with the worlds greatest font. Now I may not know much about geography but I do know a thing or two about food. This particular specimen […]

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disney ratatouie copperplate gothic bold font rat cartoon

The Rat Is Quite Phat, Copperplate is Phat too!!!

Disney has chosen for their Rat movie a wonderful font to bring parents, kids and grandparents in to see their wonderful film. Make no mistake, Disney has years and years experience creating beautiful masterpieces and of all the fonts in the entire world they could have used, they agreed on Copperplate Gothic Bold. I can […]

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World Market Loves Copperplate Gothic Bold!!!

We found this gem at World Market. Notice how Copperplate Gothic Bold calls to you, much like the water in the case, CGB quenched our thirst and got us to buy the water and take a wonderful picture on our camera phone.

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