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dentists love teeth and copperplate gothic bold

Drill Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Bold Me!!!

Who doesn’t love amazing design? If you answered “I don’t like amazing design”, then you don’t count and probably don’t count at a lot of things in your life, keep using Papyrus. If you answered yes, you love amazing design then I must introduce you to Yoo Originals. The folks at Yoo Originals in their […]

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Jennifer J. Fontaine DDS, Too Many Sweets, You’ll Need a Dentist!!!

After you have experienced Cakes use of Copperplate Gothic Bold you need to balance it out with a little dentistry to keep the cavities away. St. John’s Dental group is helping to “cap” off November sightings and will ensure that we have all got our “filling” off of some good Copperplate Gothic Bold. Big plans […]

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