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teddy roosevelt winning wins the presidents race copperplate gothic bold

Teddy Roosevelt Wins Presidential Race & Debate!!!

Thanks to  for the great photo of Teddy Roosevelt, and Copperplate Gothic Bold for making him WIN!!! Teddy Roosevelt not only won the presidents race at Nationals Park for the very first time since the Nationals started running of the presidents. He also won the presidential debates in Denver. This was all possible through the […]

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Wake Up Starbucks, Boston Common Coffee Co. Is Better

Starbucks may have many locations but Boston Common Coffee Company has Copperplate Gothic Bold in their logo. They also have a window on the outside of the store to watch people inside the store pretending to do work on their laptops. The “North End Reverse Zoo” is nice for those touring the north end to […]

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Hebrews Prefer Copperplate Gothic Bold!!!

9 out of 10 Hebrews prefer Copperplate Gothic Bold. It’s not limited to an isolated local anomaly, it’s a National preference. Hebrew National certifies that Copperplate Gothic Bold is good enough a(nd worthy enough) to be brandished on their packaging. Hebrew National not only has to answer to consumers in the marketplace (but as their […]

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Fresh Produce, Fresh Meat, Fresh Copperplate!!!

We spotted this instance of Copperplate cruising the fine streets of Arlington. Keep the CGB alive Glebe Market.

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wedding monogram cara and evan copperplate gothic bold

Get Married … Forever!!!

While stumbling through the internets I saw a couple who decided to make sure that their nuptuals would last forever! By using a wedding monogram featuring copperplate gothic bold they have sealed the deal before even having to  say I do! The choice of Copperplate is a fantastic way to show your guests that you […]

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Jonathan Adler Letter Pillow Uses None-other than Copperplate Gothic Bold!

Our new friends over at Jonathan Adler use Copperplate Gothic Bold in their pillow designs! These things are freaking hand made in Peru by skilled artisans who not only did one hell of a job recreating Copperplate, but took Copperplate to another level. We were unaware of Jonathan Adler until we spotted some negative words […]

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Chocolate, Rich, Sweet Chocolate Bold!!!

Ohhhhh Chocolate. What a magical world it is for those who are not lactarded. With a name like Koko they’ve got to be good. Note to historians, chocolate websites love Copperplate Gothic Bold. Out of our searching we have found a predominance of the font used by the Chocolatiers. Why some may ask? We think […]

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Happy Halloween!!!

It’s not only about showing the greatness of Copperplate Gothic Bold, but also adding to the quality imagery that exists featuring the font. Today we have given the world a pumpkin with Happy Halloween on it in Copperplate Gothic Bold! October has been our most influential month yet with over 2,000 people gaining a bigger […]

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Copperplate Installed on 85% of Computers!!!

Today is a wonderful day in the world! Copperplate is installed on close to 85% of the computers in the U.S. Now more than ever, people can have access to the world’s greatest font. So open up word, powerpoint or photoshop and design away because it’s likely that you have Copperplate and you can make […]

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