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Now Hiring Incredible People with the Power of CGB!

Look how seriously awesome this graphic is. Not only did they underline “Now Hiring”, but they assembled an incredibly visually talented looking group of diverse people. This company is dead serious about landing a candidate who looks like they are different than their peers. Copperplate Gothic Bold is the only font that might be able […]

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Empire Burger in Breckenridge, Colorado…Best Sign Ever

Empire burger is a restaurant in the wonderful ski town of Breckenridge, Colorado. The fascinating thing about Breckenridge is that the people of this fair town love to use Copperplate for their store fronts and signage, this is the perfect example. Look at how the letters literally pop off the carved wood inviting you in […]

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twitter logo redesign official

Twitter Logo Redesign…Copperplate Makes it Awesome!

One of the ways to spread how great Copperplate Gothic Bold can be for every written instance of communication in the English language and design is through showing it. We take an existing logo for products we wither like or use on a regular basis that have proven they are worthy of being Copperplated and […]

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Copperplate Gives a Three Hour Head Start

We were alerted to a company that was selling pre-made business cards to creative types who weren’t able to think of creative things for themselves. We found this interesting and were drawn to, by our estimations, the best seller out of their entire inventory. It’s a somewhat clever way to show that a client will […]

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Getting DMViggy With It!!!

It’s not often we put up fonts unrelated to Copperplate Gothic Bold. In fact I don’t think we have. But it is the essence of the typeface to create beauty in the celebration of it’s glory. Henceforth, the Virginia I Love Copperplate Gothic Bold License plate. This license plate very easily and succinctly establishes to […]

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Jennifer J. Fontaine DDS, Too Many Sweets, You’ll Need a Dentist!!!

After you have experienced Cakes use of Copperplate Gothic Bold you need to balance it out with a little dentistry to keep the cavities away. St. John’s Dental group is helping to “cap” off November sightings and will ensure that we have all got our “filling” off of some good Copperplate Gothic Bold. Big plans […]

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David Bruce Smith Can Write Anything!!!

November is national “Use Copperplate Gothic Bold” month. If you didn’t know that, now you do. David Bruce Smith is keenly aware of how the typeface chosen reflects greatly on the message presented. Through his website, David has chosen Copperplate Gothic Bold because it conveys the essence of his consultancy…greatness. Greatness is something that is […]

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No Mortgage to Cover Our Designs, This One’s On Us!!!

With all the talk of mortgages, sub-prime lending, loans and otherwise bank related things in the news we thought it only to appropriate to keep up the logo redesign for these banks who need a little help. Their logos are tired, boring and otherwise don’t communicate the trust that they need to communicate. The Suntrust […]

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Mortgage, Banks, Sub-Prime Mortgages and Copperplate Gothic Bold!!!

We are suggesting a new logo for the mortgage, loan, and free checking company Bank of America. We feel their current logo doesn’t quite show that they can give you the best rate for a mortgage, it shows you that they don’t care about you, they live in a stone castle overseas and that they […]

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Camelbak is Copperplate Bad Ass!!!

If you ever wondered who made the most badass camping/survival gear camelbak wins the prize. Not only do they make gear that can withstand the world falling down, but they have posters that show the brute force of Copperplate Gothic Bold. Maximum gear and maximum impact from the gorgeously designed poster that exalts Copperplate in […]

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