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Mikita Chocolate good for the body and the eyes.

Chocolate Mexican Style Boldness!!!

Mijita is a fun word to say and it’s a fun site to visit with it’s rich and frequent use of Copperplate Gothic Bold. Not onlyl do they serve up rich chocolately treats for desert but they also feature some pretty kickass food as well. We’ve never been there, probably never will eat there, but […]

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Brent and his cookies, and his use of Copperplate is delicous.

Just a Chocolate Chip Off The Old Block!!!

Nothing…I repeat nothing in the world could be more sweeter than Copperplate Gothic Bold and Chocolate Chip Cookies. My friends Brent and Sam have themselves a winner with these delectable cookie treats and some kick ass packaging. Look how happy they are tossing that giant walnut thing up in the air! Brent and Sam really […]

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