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The Mighty Sting of The Emperor Scorpion and CGB!!!

Via the twitterpipes and our dedicated audience of astute font-o-philes like @poison_tip we have a wonderful design to share. The only thing that our friend Adam Fisher is fishing for is more people to help him out with his business because it’s booming. The reason? Copperplate Gothic Bold and the emperor scorpion. Adam smartly figured […]

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GCB = CGB = Watch TV!!!

My eyeballs jumped out of my head… literally when I saw this poster. I had to put them back in after they jumped out. Clearly the designer knew about our website, F Dubs, and wanted to pay the ultimate tribute to the best font in the ENTIRE WORLD!!! So not only is GCB a clever play […]

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Now Hiring Incredible People with the Power of CGB!

Look how seriously awesome this graphic is. Not only did they underline “Now Hiring”, but they assembled an incredibly visually talented looking group of diverse people. This company is dead serious about landing a candidate who looks like they are different than their peers. Copperplate Gothic Bold is the only font that might be able […]

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wedding monogram cara and evan copperplate gothic bold

Get Married … Forever!!!

While stumbling through the internets I saw a couple who decided to make sure that their nuptuals would last forever! By using a wedding monogram featuring copperplate gothic bold they have sealed the deal before even having to  say I do! The choice of Copperplate is a fantastic way to show your guests that you […]

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Copperplate Gives a Three Hour Head Start

We were alerted to a company that was selling pre-made business cards to creative types who weren’t able to think of creative things for themselves. We found this interesting and were drawn to, by our estimations, the best seller out of their entire inventory. It’s a somewhat clever way to show that a client will […]

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Verisphere is Enveloping the World in CGB!!!

This image captures 3 of the most powerful images in the entire world…literally. The World, a handshake and Copperplate Gothic Bold. The strong bonds to our humanity are evoked through the strong handshake over all of us, showing how truly small we are in comparison to the human condition. The Gold in the Copperplate Gothic […]

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Laying Down the Law With Copperplate!!!

Any high school that uses Copperplate Gothic Bold is good in my book. The picture of the school is kind of creepy, almost looks like a prison. Prison or not knowledge is king at this institution of learning and when it was time to make the decision of how they would like their name, history […]

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Countdown until CGB KO’s Every Font Ever Made!!!

Oh it’s been counted down and Copperplate Gothic Bold has won yet again. Not only trusted to reveal to the world a new product, CGB did it with grace, dignity and panache. Mr. Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, would have been excited not only for the advent of Copperplate Gothic Bold which made […]

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NIU Online Digs Copperplate Gothic Bold!!!

How happy were we to stumble upon this wonderful piece of knowledge at Northern Illinois University Online It shows how they have harnessed the power of Copperplate Gothic Bold in a very real and very powerful way to convey their message. Rock on Huskies.

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