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Wake Up Starbucks, Boston Common Coffee Co. Is Better

Starbucks may have many locations but Boston Common Coffee Company has Copperplate Gothic Bold in their logo. They also have a window on the outside of the store to watch people inside the store pretending to do work on their laptops. The “North End Reverse Zoo” is nice for those touring the north end to […]

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Boston Barber Co. Trusted By Paul Revere

Paul Revere is rumored to have gotten his haircut minutes before making his night ride to warn of the British coming into Boston at the north church. It’s said that he got his hair cut at the Boston Barber Company, just on the sign alone! Another little known fact was that Paul knew he needed […]

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Boston Red Sox Use Performance Enhancing Fonts!!!

The Boston Red Sox have enjoyed success in their existence as a baseball team and we are breaking the news why…performance enhancing fonts! Copperplate is everywhere in Fenway park! Seriously! You can’t go 10 feet without more Copperplate. There are reasons why the Red Sox have done so well and the biggest is their deliberate […]

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There is no beach without Copperplate!!!

It’s a known fact that the beach is more fun with Copperplate Gothic Bold! Sighted at our local AC Moore.

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Copperplate in Scottland!!!

We recently toured the great country of Scotland and was pleasantly surprised at the ubiquitous use of Copperplate! The majority of our time was in Edinburgh (lovely city as they say) and we seemed to be delighted at every turn with the unmistakeable and strikingly handsome Copperplate Gothic Bold. In this particular sighting we found […]

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New Hampshire Is Part of America!!!

It’s been many years since our last visit to New Hampshire. Last time we were almost run off Mount Washington in the 80’s by a driver who had comic sans bumper stickers plastered to their car. Lucky for us we made it to the top in our Dodge full sized van, they were not so […]

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New York City Hearts Copperplate Gothic Bold!

What a majestic building sighted by our new friend @semanticwill This building stands tall in the great city of New York apparently watching over central park. Such a great view probably commands a premium price in large part to the signage they have used to signify how great of a place it is to […]

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Empire Burger in Breckenridge, Colorado…Best Sign Ever

Empire burger is a restaurant in the wonderful ski town of Breckenridge, Colorado. The fascinating thing about Breckenridge is that the people of this fair town love to use Copperplate for their store fronts and signage, this is the perfect example. Look at how the letters literally pop off the carved wood inviting you in […]

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