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No Mortgage to Cover Our Designs, This One’s On Us!!!

With all the talk of mortgages, sub-prime lending, loans and otherwise bank related things in the news we thought it only to appropriate to keep up the logo redesign for these banks who need a little help. Their logos are tired, boring and otherwise don’t communicate the trust that they need to communicate. The Suntrust […]

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Mortgage, Banks, Sub-Prime Mortgages and Copperplate Gothic Bold!!!

We are suggesting a new logo for the mortgage, loan, and free checking company Bank of America. We feel their current logo doesn’t quite show that they can give you the best rate for a mortgage, it shows you that they don’t care about you, they live in a stone castle overseas and that they […]

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Stonewall Kitchen Loves the CGB!!!

What’s better than a thanksgiving Ham? Copperplate Gothic Bold in the kitchen! Stonewall kitchen uses Copperplate Gothic Bold all over their site to showcase all of the utensils, pans and other hoiday once-a-year-this-is-why-I’m-buying-this-crap-for-you-goodies that the holidays are known for. It’s not just run of the mill stuff it actually looks like the things they have […]

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Camelbak is Copperplate Bad Ass!!!

If you ever wondered who made the most badass camping/survival gear camelbak wins the prize. Not only do they make gear that can withstand the world falling down, but they have posters that show the brute force of Copperplate Gothic Bold. Maximum gear and maximum impact from the gorgeously designed poster that exalts Copperplate in […]

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JG, the man, the myth, the legend is about to hit the world with his incredible new website. We know this because he hit us with coming soon, I can only hope that it comes sooner than later. The font he chose for the teaser text is fantastic, using a metal finish, with different colors, […]

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Not Just a Fur Ball, It’s Got Bark and Bite!!!

We want to thank Michael Kaiser for doing the world a favor and his organization a favor by designing their entire site using Copperplate Gothic. After Michael left us a comment on our comment board we almost fell out of our chairs with excitement. This should serve as an example to the world what a […]

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The Best Paper Gets You Hammered!!!

Oh you don’t come around an example like this very often. If you’ve ever used paper you understand that it’s everywhere and there is a lot of it, but there is a lot of crap paper out there. Chances are you probably don’t use nice paper, or have experienced the vitality and understated elegance that […]

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It’s Gold’s Gym for a Reason!!!

It is no coincidence that Gold’s Gym picked up Copperplate Gothic Bold to pimp their gym memberships. They actually used their own version of the font for their signs, Copperplate Gothic Gold…true story. If you want to look like that guy on the elliptical machine and work out next to the girl on the other […]

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Monster Hunter Game By Capcom!!!

Even though it is a game, CGB friend Mike Katsufrakis is not playing around when it comes to Copperplate Gothic Bold sightings. Even monsters are scared of the Copperplate, why else would the heroes of Monster Hunter 2 use this font to brand their game. I’ll take a good layout of Copperplate over a sword, […]

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Lightning is Attracted to the Copper!!!

This truly is a remarkable find. Not only is this company cleaning up the world one bit at a time, but when I came across the logo a bolt of lighting came across the screen and I captured it just in time! In nature bolts of lighting are attracted to metal, we can only assume […]

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