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teddy roosevelt winning wins the presidents race copperplate gothic bold

Teddy Roosevelt Wins Presidential Race & Debate!!!

Thanks to  for the great photo of Teddy Roosevelt, and Copperplate Gothic Bold for making him WIN!!! Teddy Roosevelt not only won the presidents race at Nationals Park for the very first time since the Nationals started running of the presidents. He also won the presidential debates in Denver. This was all possible through the […]

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The French and Comic Sans have been Entrevé’d!!!

  It’s a known fact that if the French had their way they would use comic sans as their national font. Don’t ask us why, it doesn’t make a single lick of sense. It must be for their lack of work ethic, unions, game playing or pension for protesting that they feel that such a font […]

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Americas Official Font Copperplate Gothic Bold

America’s Official Font: Copperplate Gothic Bold

“America’s Official Font Named by Congress to forever be Copperplate Gothic Bold!” will be the most glorious headline to ever grace our nation’s papers if our hard work is continued! We are more than happy to lead the charge to lobby this most pressing issue with congress, and quite frankly it’s about time. There is […]

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Fred Thompson Is Acting!!!

He’s acting friends, he’s acting. Every actor needs a producer, that’s why most great politicians used to be actors because they get it. They really aren’t the ones in charge, they just look good in front of the people and sell what they producers and writers give them. Fred Thompson uses Copperplate Gothic Bold and […]

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Obama Courtesy Redesign!!!

We generally stay a-political but in this case we had to do a redesign for Obama and friends. After reading a post on digg about how he is using “A Font We Can Believe In” “Greatest Font Ever” we had to respond with just how false their observations are. Gotham is not half the font […]

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Ron Paul Mints His Own Money – Copper For Everyone!!!

We had such overwhelming support for the Obama work that we did the other day. And if you’ll notice since the posting, his numbers have risen dramatically!!! No coincidence just this graphic existing created the windfall of support for Obama’s campaign. The earmark of a great presidential race is having 2 fully qualified candidates and […]

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