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Chris Allard, The Guitarist Mastermind

Chris allard is a guitarist mastermind. So much so that he had british web designer mastermind Dave Hall create him a website featuring the best font in the entire world, Copperplate Gothic Bold. You can almost hear Chris shredding away just looking at the header for his website. Just off the logo itself, I […]

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The Dan Band is Hilarious, we added some CGB for them.

Ho Ho Ho – The Dan Band Gets It!!!

Our favorite Christmas Carol was penned by the Dan Band. Made famous through the wedding singer and later by Old School, the Dan Band is musical genius. After tiring of the normal broadway musicals, Dan Finnerty realized he could be more successful by using his voice to sing expletive filled covers of woman artists. Not […]

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Kenny G Saxophone Music enhanced by the Copperplate Gothic Bold.

The Day the Copper Music Died Lived!!!

Kenny G, one of the founders of modern day music, gravity and the world, has shown us through his sheer existence and subtle design elements that only Copperplate Gothic Bold was good enough for his multi-platinum disc “duotones.” At CGB we want to congratulate Kenny G not only for his sheer mastery of the little […]

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