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Make your life better spiritually and healthwise through these folks and their CGB ways!

Get Bigger, Badder and Stronger With CGB!!!

I want to be a partner with these guys! They have personal development up the wazzoo!!! You can’t mess with someone who is promoting self development and self awareness with Copperplate Gothic Bold. If you’ll notice in the picture, the world has a shining light behind it, some would attribute that light to Copperplate Gothic […]

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Get a Tatoo of CGB to make it permanent!

Nothing is More Permanent Than A Tattoo!!!

When you want permanent perfection you can always get a tattoo. You could get one that says “Mom” or “Do Not Resuscitate” you could get one that says “Left” and “Right” for both sides of your hands. But you better get it done in the worlds most popular font, Copperplate Gothic Bold. This particular site […]

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