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dentists love teeth and copperplate gothic bold

Drill Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Bold Me!!!

Who doesn’t love amazing design? If you answered “I don’t like amazing design”, then you don’t count and probably don’t count at a lot of things in your life, keep using Papyrus. If you answered yes, you love amazing design then I must introduce you to Yoo Originals. The folks at Yoo Originals in their […]

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Boston Barber Co. Trusted By Paul Revere

Paul Revere is rumored to have gotten his haircut minutes before making his night ride to warn of the British coming into Boston at the north church. It’s said that he got his hair cut at the Boston Barber Company, just on the sign alone! Another little known fact was that Paul knew he needed […]

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Hebrews Prefer Copperplate Gothic Bold!!!

9 out of 10 Hebrews prefer Copperplate Gothic Bold. It’s not limited to an isolated local anomaly, it’s a National preference. Hebrew National certifies that Copperplate Gothic Bold is good enough a(nd worthy enough) to be brandished on their packaging. Hebrew National not only has to answer to consumers in the marketplace (but as their […]

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ACME Smoked Nova Salmon, MMM Corporate Fish!!!

Nothing like smoked corporate fish to get your blood moving in the morning! Copperplate + ACME + Wiley Coyote = Good Idea/Fresh Fish. Thanks ACME not only for bringing us the best smoked salmon but for also bringing us the best in any other household item we might require…including dynamite.  

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Jennifer J. Fontaine DDS, Too Many Sweets, You’ll Need a Dentist!!!

After you have experienced Cakes use of Copperplate Gothic Bold you need to balance it out with a little dentistry to keep the cavities away. St. John’s Dental group is helping to “cap” off November sightings and will ensure that we have all got our “filling” off of some good Copperplate Gothic Bold. Big plans […]

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Fitness Made Simple, Just Buy and Wear the Shirt!!!

You know, it really would be great to have Abs like that, and now you can because the abs are painted on there! I see how this works, you get the abs by paying the money, getting the shirt and singing the song! Any ad that uses star boxes to get the attention of the […]

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Fitness Made Simple’s John Basedow Loves CGB!!!

Ohhhh snap!!! It’s America’s favorite fitness celebrity John Basedow! How does he stay in shape and create so many great fitness and nutrition videos? Well it starts with a healthy dollop of Copperplate Gothic Bold. In this particular example when he wants to show that he can get you jacked up, fix your life, your […]

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Get Bigger, Badder and Stronger With CGB!!!

I want to be a partner with these guys! They have personal development up the wazzoo!!! You can’t mess with someone who is promoting self development and self awareness with Copperplate Gothic Bold. If you’ll notice in the picture, the world has a shining light behind it, some would attribute that light to Copperplate Gothic […]

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Junk Mail? These Guys Have Their Act Together!!!

This is a sign of trouble. I opened up my mail box and this spam message was there! It was written in Copperplate Gothic Bold. This was unsettling because not only have the spammers infiltrated my email filter, they did it under the guise of Copperplate Gothic Bold. This is sacrilegious. What is this world […]

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Nothing is More Permanent Than A Tattoo!!!

When you want permanent perfection you can always get a tattoo. You could get one that says “Mom” or “Do Not Resuscitate” you could get one that says “Left” and “Right” for both sides of your hands. But you better get it done in the worlds most popular font, Copperplate Gothic Bold. This particular site […]

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