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Copperplate in Scottland!!!

We recently toured the great country of Scotland and was pleasantly surprised at the ubiquitous use of Copperplate! The majority of our time was in Edinburgh (lovely city as they say) and we seemed to be delighted at every turn with the unmistakeable and strikingly handsome Copperplate Gothic Bold. In this particular sighting we found […]

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New Orleans Crawfish and Copperplate!!!

We love crawfish and we love New Orleans. We also love when we see an excellent display of a website using the combination together! In this particular instance the website crayfishworld (most likely a northerner from their use of “crayfish” instead of the southern preferred “crawfish”) has created a haven for mud-bug afficianados to share […]

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Chocolate, Rich, Sweet Chocolate Bold!!!

Ohhhhh Chocolate. What a magical world it is for those who are not lactarded. With a name like Koko they’ve got to be good. Note to historians, chocolate websites love Copperplate Gothic Bold. Out of our searching we have found a predominance of the font used by the Chocolatiers. Why some may ask? We think […]

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Chocolate Mexican Style Boldness!!!

Mijita is a fun word to say and it’s a fun site to visit with it’s rich and frequent use of Copperplate Gothic Bold. Not onlyl do they serve up rich chocolately treats for desert but they also feature some pretty kickass food as well. We’ve never been there, probably never will eat there, but […]

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cake man lives man dies and it's all vanity Copperplate Gothic Bold

Mans born, man lives, man dies…and it’s all vanity. Cake!!!

Short and sweet…literally. Cake is great and they use Copperplate Gothic Bold. Just let it simmer and contemplate how truly great this is. “Man is born, man lives, man dies…and it’s all vanity.” Their new B-sides and rarities CD is great. The lyric from above is from a preacher they sampled and played along with. […]

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Stonewall Kitchen Loves the CGB!!!

What’s better than a thanksgiving Ham? Copperplate Gothic Bold in the kitchen! Stonewall kitchen uses Copperplate Gothic Bold all over their site to showcase all of the utensils, pans and other hoiday once-a-year-this-is-why-I’m-buying-this-crap-for-you-goodies that the holidays are known for. It’s not just run of the mill stuff it actually looks like the things they have […]

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Why Are Elephants Good Workers? They Work For Peanuts!!!

I’ll tell you what this posting is …absolutely nuts!!! These peanuts were found at the annual AUSA convention in DC. Locally grown and created, and were surprisingly fresh and tasty. The best kind of swag you can giveaway at a huge convention of men staring at large tanks, guns, and armor is food. People get […]

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Happy Copperplate Fall Indeed!!!

Happy Fall Indeed! Nothing goes together better than Copperplate Gothic Bold and a Cornucopia, synonymous with the bounty of the fall. Turkey’s go to their deaths to the chagrin of families all across the country, pigs, chickens all sacrifice their lives so we can have a wonderful November. So cuddle up in a pile of […]

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Happy Halloween!!!

It’s not only about showing the greatness of Copperplate Gothic Bold, but also adding to the quality imagery that exists featuring the font. Today we have given the world a pumpkin with Happy Halloween on it in Copperplate Gothic Bold! October has been our most influential month yet with over 2,000 people gaining a bigger […]

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Don’t Wine, It’s Copperplate Gothic Bold!!!

One of my favorite wineries in Virginia is a newcomer, Chateau O’Brien. This guy made a bunch of money creating his own businesses, selling them and because he had the chance created a kickass winery on top of a mountain overlooking 66. When we signed up for Chateau O’Brien’s newsletters we expected the same old […]

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