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jagermeister logo redesign copperplate gothic bold

Jagermeister Spices it up With Copperplate!

Let’s get bold people, even the folks at Jagermeister could get into the wonderful world of Copperplate Gothic Bold! Our complimentary redesign of their old logo was transformed the brand into something ready for the 23rd century. Look at that drunken deer elevating you to the heights of heaven in every sip. Redbull may give […]

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Copperplate in Scottland!!!

We recently toured the great country of Scotland and was pleasantly surprised at the ubiquitous use of Copperplate! The majority of our time was in Edinburgh (lovely city as they say) and we seemed to be delighted at every turn with the unmistakeable and strikingly handsome Copperplate Gothic Bold. In this particular sighting we found […]

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Tsingtao beer makes the olympics happen, and it makes Copperplate Gothic Bold happen.

Ni hao mah, Chinese Beer!!!

Imported from China but consumed near the heart, Tsingtao beer hath broughteth the ruckus with their creative use of Copperplate Gothic Bold. Some may say, now CGB, TSINGTAO is not CGB it is a more stylized version. To that I say, yes, while the TSINGTAO may be a more stylelized version, the BEER is CGB, […]

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Saranac is icin it up with Copperplate Gothic Bold, frost yourself with the CGB.

Beer, Beer, Beer!!!

It’s been way to long since the last update. So to bring it back we are going to do a week of beer. What a match made in heaven, Saranac Beer or whatever beer in that case and the worlds most beloved font. In this case Saranac has 12 beers of winter they would like […]

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Brooklyn Lager sportin the Copperplate Gothic Bold.

Rollin’ in the NYC with Lager!!!

When I think New York and Beer I think of Copperplate Gothic Bold. Nothing says, “Hey F*** You, I’m from Brooklyn!?!” than a nice pint of Brooklyn Lager and Copperplate Gothic Bold. No time for frilly labels or girls, straight to the chase stamped on there for all to see Brooklyn Lager picked the perfect […]

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