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happy thanksgiving turkey copperplate gothic bold

Thanksgiving, Turkey, America, Freedom!!!

The first thanksgiving was endured by lazy thieving colonists occupying America in the Plymouth Colony around 1621. It was terrible. Early colonists to America setup colonies that were socialist in nature where everyone shared in the communities growth and prosperity. Instead of prospering 1/5 of the people produced food and supplies for 4/5 of their […]

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Milk Chocolate Makers With Valor

Fact: In medieval times there were many knights. These knights fought with calor. Many also loved chocolate. Fact: In modern times there are many chocolatiers. These chocolatiers fight for market share. Only one is Valor. Valor Milk Chocolate is that chocolate. You can tell they take their product seriously because they use Copperplate Gothic Bold […]

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Wake Up Starbucks, Boston Common Coffee Co. Is Better

Starbucks may have many locations but Boston Common Coffee Company has Copperplate Gothic Bold in their logo. They also have a window on the outside of the store to watch people inside the store pretending to do work on their laptops. The “North End Reverse Zoo” is nice for those touring the north end to […]

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Put The Salsa Inside My Mouth

Mrs. Renfro has been making salsa for a long time. She also must keep many husbands slaving away chopping tomatoes and onions under her iron fisted Mrs. designation to produce enough salsa to stock and supply World Market. We also know that both World Market and Mrs. Renfro have made the right decision working together […]

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Hebrews Prefer Copperplate Gothic Bold!!!

9 out of 10 Hebrews prefer Copperplate Gothic Bold. It’s not limited to an isolated local anomaly, it’s a National preference. Hebrew National certifies that Copperplate Gothic Bold is good enough a(nd worthy enough) to be brandished on their packaging. Hebrew National not only has to answer to consumers in the marketplace (but as their […]

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ACME Smoked Nova Salmon, MMM Corporate Fish!!!

Nothing like smoked corporate fish to get your blood moving in the morning! Copperplate + ACME + Wiley Coyote = Good Idea/Fresh Fish. Thanks ACME not only for bringing us the best smoked salmon but for also bringing us the best in any other household item we might require…including dynamite.  

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new belgium beer copperplate gothic bold brewing

New Belgium Brewing Company Much Better Than Old!!!

The New Belgium Brewing Company is a lot better than the old Belgium brewing company. 1. It’s newer 2. Old Belgiums look weird, smell weird, and have shifty eyes 3. All of their fonts are Copperplate Gothic Bold Can’t find it near you to try? Probably because it’s sold out. People love beer, people love […]

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Fresh Produce, Fresh Meat, Fresh Copperplate!!!

We spotted this instance of Copperplate cruising the fine streets of Arlington. Keep the CGB alive Glebe Market.

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Palm: Belgium’s Favorite Beer, America’s Favorite Font!!!

Out in Easterm Market in DC at Boxcar Tavern we discovered CGB in a most delightful environment. Palm beer may be Belgium’s favorite, we all know Copperplate Gothic Bold is Americas favorite font. Keep on German friends, let the CGB be with you!  

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