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LiquidTreat-logo-redesign Courtesy Redesign, Bald Eagles and Whiskey

The lovely folks at were kind enough to write about us on their blog of interesting design items and we wanted to share the love by offering them a redesign of their logo. It’s been a while since we’ve featured a good redesign on this site so here it goes. Since their blog is […]

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fenway park coca cola copperplate gothic bold boston red sox

Boston Red Sox Use Performance Enhancing Fonts!!!

The Boston Red Sox have enjoyed success in their existence as a baseball team and we are breaking the news why…performance enhancing fonts! Copperplate is everywhere in Fenway park! Seriously! You can’t go 10 feet without more Copperplate. There are reasons why the Red Sox have done so well and the biggest is their deliberate […]

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spring has sprung send free white flowers

Spring 2012: Get Your Free Flowers!!!

Spring has officially sprung! In honor of Spring 2012 we wanted to share these free flowers with you. These are not those flowers you see locked up in cages with droopy stalks and brown spots with sad Sarah McLauchlin music playing in the background. These are American bred, bald eagle flying, meat and potatoes eating […]

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GCB = CGB = Watch TV!!!

My eyeballs jumped out of my head… literally when I saw this poster. I had to put them back in after they jumped out. Clearly the designer knew about our website, F Dubs, and wanted to pay the ultimate tribute to the best font in the ENTIRE WORLD!!! So not only is GCB a clever play […]

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New Orleans Crawfish and Copperplate!!!

We love crawfish and we love New Orleans. We also love when we see an excellent display of a website using the combination together! In this particular instance the website crayfishworld (most likely a northerner from their use of “crayfish” instead of the southern preferred “crawfish”) has created a haven for mud-bug afficianados to share […]

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Americas Official Font Copperplate Gothic Bold

America’s Official Font: Copperplate Gothic Bold

“America’s Official Font Named by Congress to forever be Copperplate Gothic Bold!” will be the most glorious headline to ever grace our nation’s papers if our hard work is continued! We are more than happy to lead the charge to lobby this most pressing issue with congress, and quite frankly it’s about time. There is […]

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crying hokie bird virginia tech tears

Crying Hokie Bird of Virginia Tech!!!

Virginia Tech was smited recently by James Madison University in football. So much so that grown men and women cried and pounded the earth wondering if life would ever get better? The answer unfortunately is no, life will not get better for you or your team. This is a life lesson called: “don’t put all […]

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wedding monogram cara and evan copperplate gothic bold

Get Married … Forever!!!

While stumbling through the internets I saw a couple who decided to make sure that their nuptuals would last forever! By using a wedding monogram featuring copperplate gothic bold they have sealed the deal before even having to  say I do! The choice of Copperplate is a fantastic way to show your guests that you […]

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twitter logo redesign official

Twitter Logo Redesign…Copperplate Makes it Awesome!

One of the ways to spread how great Copperplate Gothic Bold can be for every written instance of communication in the English language and design is through showing it. We take an existing logo for products we wither like or use on a regular basis that have proven they are worthy of being Copperplated and […]

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Copperplate Gives a Three Hour Head Start

We were alerted to a company that was selling pre-made business cards to creative types who weren’t able to think of creative things for themselves. We found this interesting and were drawn to, by our estimations, the best seller out of their entire inventory. It’s a somewhat clever way to show that a client will […]

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