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dentists love teeth and copperplate gothic bold

Drill Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Bold Me!!!

Who doesn’t love amazing design? If you answered “I don’t like amazing design”, then you don’t count and probably don’t count at a lot of things in your life, keep using Papyrus. If you answered yes, you love amazing design then I must introduce you to Yoo Originals. The folks at Yoo Originals in their […]

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LiquidTreat-logo-redesign Courtesy Redesign, Bald Eagles and Whiskey

The lovely folks at were kind enough to write about us on their blog of interesting design items and we wanted to share the love by offering them a redesign of their logo. It’s been a while since we’ve featured a good redesign on this site so here it goes. Since their blog is […]

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Chris Allard, The Guitarist Mastermind

Chris allard is a guitarist mastermind. So much so that he had british web designer mastermind Dave Hall create him a website featuring the best font in the entire world, Copperplate Gothic Bold. You can almost hear Chris shredding away just looking at the header for his website. Just off the logo itself, I […]

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spring has sprung send free white flowers

Spring 2012: Get Your Free Flowers!!!

Spring has officially sprung! In honor of Spring 2012 we wanted to share these free flowers with you. These are not those flowers you see locked up in cages with droopy stalks and brown spots with sad Sarah McLauchlin music playing in the background. These are American bred, bald eagle flying, meat and potatoes eating […]

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The Mighty Sting of The Emperor Scorpion and CGB!!!

Via the twitterpipes and our dedicated audience of astute font-o-philes like @poison_tip we have a wonderful design to share. The only thing that our friend Adam Fisher is fishing for is more people to help him out with his business because it’s booming. The reason? Copperplate Gothic Bold and the emperor scorpion. Adam smartly figured […]

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