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Mortgage, Banks, Sub-Prime Mortgages and Copperplate Gothic Bold!!!

We are suggesting a new logo for the mortgage, loan, and free checking company Bank of America. We feel their current logo doesn’t quite show that they can give you the best rate for a mortgage, it shows you that they don’t care about you, they live in a stone castle overseas and that they […]

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Happy Copperplate Fall Indeed!!!

Happy Fall Indeed! Nothing goes together better than Copperplate Gothic Bold and a Cornucopia, synonymous with the bounty of the fall. Turkey’s go to their deaths to the chagrin of families all across the country, pigs, chickens all sacrifice their lives so we can have a wonderful November. So cuddle up in a pile of […]

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JMU Homecoming 2007 No CGB???

Homecoming is a very special event for those who attended JMU. Not only because it’s a blast, you get to reconnect with and network with alumni who shared the common bond of the same JMU experience. While looking for a graphic that would sum up the JMU experience, I was unable to find a Copperplate […]

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Bruce Show Host – Needed Copperplate, we delivered!!!

Found this jovial young lad on the Internets and what did my eyes see, someone who needed help! So after a little photoshopping of the font, Mr. Campbell went from someone with a poor outlook on life to someone happy as can be! The only thing changed in the second picture is the font to […]

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Obama Courtesy Redesign!!!

We generally stay a-political but in this case we had to do a redesign for Obama and friends. After reading a post on digg about how he is using “A Font We Can Believe In” “Greatest Font Ever” we had to respond with just how false their observations are. Gotham is not half the font […]

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Ron Paul Mints His Own Money – Copper For Everyone!!!

We had such overwhelming support for the Obama work that we did the other day. And if you’ll notice since the posting, his numbers have risen dramatically!!! No coincidence just this graphic existing created the windfall of support for Obama’s campaign. The earmark of a great presidential race is having 2 fully qualified candidates and […]

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