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LiquidTreat-logo-redesign Courtesy Redesign, Bald Eagles and Whiskey

The lovely folks at were kind enough to write about us on their blog of interesting design items and we wanted to share the love by offering them a redesign of their logo. It’s been a while since we’ve featured a good redesign on this site so here it goes. Since their blog is […]

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Copperplate Road House Sold by Charlie Berry

  This is a story about Charlie. Charlie is a real estate agent in Charlotte North Carolina. We wanted to help Charlie with his business and found a way to redesign his website to help him sell a house on…Copperplate Road!!! We went to   his site and listing for the house but to our […]

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The French and Comic Sans have been Entrevé’d!!!

  It’s a known fact that if the French had their way they would use comic sans as their national font. Don’t ask us why, it doesn’t make a single lick of sense. It must be for their lack of work ethic, unions, game playing or pension for protesting that they feel that such a font […]

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Americas Official Font Copperplate Gothic Bold

America’s Official Font: Copperplate Gothic Bold

“America’s Official Font Named by Congress to forever be Copperplate Gothic Bold!” will be the most glorious headline to ever grace our nation’s papers if our hard work is continued! We are more than happy to lead the charge to lobby this most pressing issue with congress, and quite frankly it’s about time. There is […]

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crying hokie bird virginia tech tears

Crying Hokie Bird of Virginia Tech!!!

Virginia Tech was smited recently by James Madison University in football. So much so that grown men and women cried and pounded the earth wondering if life would ever get better? The answer unfortunately is no, life will not get better for you or your team. This is a life lesson called: “don’t put all […]

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wedding monogram cara and evan copperplate gothic bold

Get Married … Forever!!!

While stumbling through the internets I saw a couple who decided to make sure that their nuptuals would last forever! By using a wedding monogram featuring copperplate gothic bold they have sealed the deal before even having to  say I do! The choice of Copperplate is a fantastic way to show your guests that you […]

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twitter logo redesign official

Twitter Logo Redesign…Copperplate Makes it Awesome!

One of the ways to spread how great Copperplate Gothic Bold can be for every written instance of communication in the English language and design is through showing it. We take an existing logo for products we wither like or use on a regular basis that have proven they are worthy of being Copperplated and […]

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crying bald eagle america sad

The Crying Bald Eagle

Today someone did something that was so truly horrible and vile that there was only one graphic that came to mind that could express our deep and exquisite sorrow…a crying bald eagle. We captured the moment of a real American Bald Eagle crying. Clearly saddened over the broken remanents of freedom. So whenever someone does […]

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Getting DMViggy With It!!!

It’s not often we put up fonts unrelated to Copperplate Gothic Bold. In fact I don’t think we have. But it is the essence of the typeface to create beauty in the celebration of it’s glory. Henceforth, the Virginia I Love Copperplate Gothic Bold License plate. This license plate very easily and succinctly establishes to […]

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No Mortgage to Cover Our Designs, This One’s On Us!!!

With all the talk of mortgages, sub-prime lending, loans and otherwise bank related things in the news we thought it only to appropriate to keep up the logo redesign for these banks who need a little help. Their logos are tired, boring and otherwise don’t communicate the trust that they need to communicate. The Suntrust […]

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