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The Mighty Sting of The Emperor Scorpion and CGB!!!

Via the twitterpipes and our dedicated audience of astute font-o-philes like @poison_tip we have a wonderful design to share. The only thing that our friend Adam Fisher is fishing for is more people to help him out with his business because it’s booming. The reason? Copperplate Gothic Bold and the emperor scorpion. Adam smartly figured […]

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GCB = CGB = Watch TV!!!

My eyeballs jumped out of my head… literally when I saw this poster. I had to put them back in after they jumped out. Clearly the designer knew about our website, F Dubs, and wanted to pay┬áthe ultimate tribute to the best font in the ENTIRE WORLD!!! So not only is GCB a clever play […]

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Palm: Belgium’s Favorite Beer, America’s Favorite Font!!!

Out in Easterm Market in DC at Boxcar Tavern we discovered CGB in a most delightful environment. Palm beer may be Belgium’s favorite, we all know Copperplate Gothic Bold is Americas favorite font. Keep on German friends, let the CGB be with you!  

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Copperplate in Scottland!!!

We recently toured the great country of Scotland and was pleasantly surprised at the ubiquitous use of Copperplate! The majority of our time was in Edinburgh (lovely city as they say) and we seemed to be delighted at every turn with the unmistakeable and strikingly handsome Copperplate Gothic Bold. In this particular sighting we found […]

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New Orleans Crawfish and Copperplate!!!

We love crawfish and we love New Orleans. We also love when we see an excellent display of a website using the combination together! In this particular instance the website crayfishworld (most likely a northerner from their use of “crayfish” instead of the southern preferred “crawfish”) has created a haven for mud-bug afficianados to share […]

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New Hampshire Is Part of America!!!

It’s been many years since our last visit to New Hampshire. Last time we were almost run off Mount Washington in the 80’s by a driver who had comic sans bumper stickers plastered to their car. Lucky for us we made it to the top in our Dodge full sized van, they were not so […]

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Americas Official Font Copperplate Gothic Bold

America’s Official Font: Copperplate Gothic Bold

“America’s Official Font Named by Congress to forever be Copperplate Gothic Bold!” will be the most glorious headline to ever grace our nation’s papers if our hard work is continued! We are more than happy to lead the charge to lobby this most pressing issue with congress, and quite frankly it’s about time. There is […]

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New York City Hearts Copperplate Gothic Bold!

What a majestic building sighted by our new friend @semanticwill http://instagr.am/p/CEdyH/ This building stands tall in the great city of New York apparently watching over central park. Such a great view probably commands a premium price in large part to the signage they have used to signify how great of a place it is to […]

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Copperplate Gothic Gold

Copperplate Gothic Gold!

St. Patricks Day is right around the corner and wouldn’t you know it that Copperplate Gothic Bold is as Irish as it gets. So much so that we created a genuine, certified, 100% pure Copperplate Gothic Gold graphic. Nothing says “way-to-go-vegan-designer-friend” more so than a full pot o’ Copperplate Gold. Reward your employees with a […]

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Now Hiring Incredible People with the Power of CGB!

Look how seriously awesome this graphic is. Not only did they underline “Now Hiring”, but they assembled an incredibly visually talented looking group of diverse people. This company is dead serious about landing a candidate who looks like they are different than their peers. Copperplate Gothic Bold is the only font that might be able […]

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