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Beer, Beer, Beer!!!

It’s been way to long since the last update. So to bring it back we are going to do a week of beer. What a match made in heaven, Saranac Beer or whatever beer in that case and the worlds most beloved font. In this case Saranac has 12 beers of winter they would like […]

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Rollin’ in the NYC with Lager!!!

When I think New York and Beer I think of Copperplate Gothic Bold. Nothing says, “Hey F*** You, I’m from Brooklyn!?!” than a nice pint of Brooklyn Lager and Copperplate Gothic Bold. No time for frilly labels or girls, straight to the chase stamped on there for all to see Brooklyn Lager picked the perfect […]

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Obama Courtesy Redesign!!!

We generally stay a-political but in this case we had to do a redesign for Obama and friends. After reading a post on digg about how he is using “A Font We Can Believe In” “Greatest Font Ever” we had to respond with just how false their observations are. Gotham is not half the font […]

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Ron Paul Mints His Own Money – Copper For Everyone!!!

We had such overwhelming support for the Obama work that we did the other day. And if you’ll notice since the posting, his numbers have risen dramatically!!! No coincidence just this graphic existing created the windfall of support for Obama’s campaign. The earmark of a great presidential race is having 2 fully qualified candidates and […]

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Arlington Boulevard Wood Grill Uses CGB To Light up their Sign and the Grill!!!

3 months is way too long since an update. There are many reasons for not updating but none can explain the pain of holding back so many CGB sightings from the Internets. New updates will soon follow, more new sightings, and of course advancing the greatness of the best font in all of the world. […]

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Love is Best Expressed Through Copperplate!!!

[ad#h] I can’t even remember where this was taken, or what it is. One thing is for sure they believed the message was important enough to warrant the usage of copperplate gothic bold! Rather than include the witty banter that usually accompanies these posts were going to let this one stand on it’s own. Love, […]

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