fenway park coca cola copperplate gothic bold boston red sox

Boston Red Sox Use Performance Enhancing Fonts!!!

The Boston Red Sox have enjoyed success in their existence as a baseball team and we are breaking the news why…performance enhancing fonts! Copperplate is everywhere in Fenway park! Seriously! You can’t go 10 feet without more Copperplate. There are reasons why the Red Sox have done so well and the biggest is their deliberate […]

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Hebrews Prefer Copperplate Gothic Bold!!!

9 out of 10 Hebrews prefer Copperplate Gothic Bold. It’s not limited to an isolated local anomaly, it’s a National preference. Hebrew National certifies that Copperplate Gothic Bold is good enough a(nd worthy enough) to be brandished on their packaging. Hebrew National not only has to answer to consumers in the marketplace (but as their […]

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ACME Smoked Nova Salmon, MMM Corporate Fish!!!

Nothing like smoked corporate fish to get your blood moving in the morning! Copperplate + ACME + Wiley Coyote = Good Idea/Fresh Fish. Thanks ACME not only for bringing us the best smoked salmon but for also bringing us the best in any other household item we might require…including dynamite.  

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new belgium beer copperplate gothic bold brewing

New Belgium Brewing Company Much Better Than Old!!!

The New Belgium Brewing Company is a lot better than the old Belgium brewing company. 1. It’s newer 2. Old Belgiums look weird, smell weird, and have shifty eyes 3. All of their fonts are Copperplate Gothic Bold Can’t find it near you to try? Probably because it’s sold out. People love beer, people love […]

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Andrew Jones Oscar Winner 2013!!!

Andrew Jones with NKB Productions is a visionary. He knew it was important to have a great opening to his movie. He brilliantly used Copperplate Gothic Bold. Now it is certain he will win an Oscar in 2013. Congrats to Andrew on his upcoming win, all due to his use of Copperplate Gothic Bold!  

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Fresh Produce, Fresh Meat, Fresh Copperplate!!!

We spotted this instance of Copperplate cruising the fine streets of Arlington. Keep the CGB alive Glebe Market.

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The French and Comic Sans have been Entrevé’d!!!

  It’s a known fact that if the French had their way they would use comic sans as their national font. Don’t ask us why, it doesn’t make a single lick of sense. It must be for their lack of work ethic, unions, game playing or pension for protesting that they feel that such a font […]

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There is no beach without Copperplate!!!

It’s a known fact that the beach is more fun with Copperplate Gothic Bold! Sighted at our local AC Moore.

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spring has sprung send free white flowers

Spring 2012: Get Your Free Flowers!!!

Spring has officially sprung! In honor of Spring 2012 we wanted to share these free flowers with you. These are not those flowers you see locked up in cages with droopy stalks and brown spots with sad Sarah McLauchlin music playing in the background. These are American bred, bald eagle flying, meat and potatoes eating […]

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