Copperplate Gothic Bold

Look at My Face, I Have Skillz That Employers Want

We found this young man online who claimed that he was gothic and bold, we wanted to finish what he started and gave him the Copperplate.

This is such a classic picture, the fact he found aviator knockoff glasses that are semi-transparent with a mirror finish is to be applauded.

I don’t like to think we assigned text as to what we meant with this photo when it was taken, but we feel that we channeled his energy to create a special Copperplate redesign that suits him.

Prior to us finding and rebranding him, he was just another young man lost in life and on the internet. Sending pictures of himself to unsuspecting strangers, showing off his skillz, and talking about life on the streets (he lives with his mom) to build internet cred. Well we just gave you what you needed super cred through the power of Copperplate Gothic Bold.

CGB is a just and fair font, laying the law down when necessary but mostly because it’s a font with the human spirit in mind.

Judging by this photo coming from an old photo storage website, we believe that this young man may be a manager at a local regional bank with branch manager all written all over him if he just applies himself. So thank you young man for sharing yourself and for allowing us to channel Copperplate to give your still self online a voice. Copperplate rocks!

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