Copperplate Gothic Bold

Steven Singer Jeweler’s – Shiny Copperplate Bling!

steven singer jewelers copperplate gothic bold

Here a fantastic specimen of Copperplate Gothic Bold caught in the wild!

Steven Singer (I’m guessing from the photo) must be the buzz of the spring bee hive with his store emblazoned with his tagline so seductively inscribed “Jewelers” in Copperplate Gothic Bold. I’ll tell you what Steven, we’ll pass you the can of absolute whoop-ass that you can “Go On … Open It Up” and lay it on down showing all the other fonts of the world how it’s done!

It’s great seeing a jeweler using Copperplate in their design, they appreciate beauty and things that shine and by using Copperplate they know that their store and business will shine and sparkle just like the expensive rocks and metals they sell.

Steven Singer should consider changing his name to Copperplate Gothic Bold as well, right now his logo is decent but changing it all to Copperplate would increase sales considerably.

So give it up for Steven Singer for whistlin’ Dixie and dropping a Copperplate Gothic Bold tune our way by showing he’s got what it takes to be great.

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