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Thanksgiving, Turkey, America, Freedom!!!

happy thanksgiving turkey copperplate gothic boldThe first thanksgiving was endured by lazy thieving colonists occupying America in the Plymouth Colony around 1621. It was terrible. Early colonists to America setup colonies that were socialist in nature where everyone shared in the communities growth and prosperity. Instead of prospering 1/5 of the people produced food and supplies for 4/5 of their colonists comrades. Community storehouses that held the contributions for the community were frequently stolen from and crops raided at night by hungry colonists.

People pissed at life in the UK came over to the US expecting an easy way out. The first two thanksgivings were terrible and the resulting winters were even more terrible. The weak died in the hard winters and the strong survived. After realizing that their socialistic governance structure wasn’t working, divine Providence stepped in and they moved to a free market where each person was responsible for their own food supply and prosperity. Colonists were granted parcels of land and responsible of taking care of themselves. This happened in 1622 and in 1623 their thanksgiving and complexion of their colony was much different. William Bradford of Plymouth Plantation wrote, “instead of famine now God gave them plenty.” In 1624 they had so much abundance that they started exporting corn.

Let’s celebrate the thanksgiving of 1623 with this wonderful photo of a turkey reminding us that freedom, America, turkey, and Copperplate Gothic are best enjoyed Bold and free! Happy thanksgiving!

The Real Thanksgiving

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