Copperplate Gothic Bold

Drill Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Bold Me!!!

dentists love teeth and copperplate gothic bold

Every tooth needs a little Copperplate Gothic Bold!

Who doesn’t love amazing design? If you answered “I don’t like amazing design”, then you don’t count and probably don’t count at a lot of things in your life, keep using Papyrus.

If you answered yes, you love amazing design then I must introduce you to Yoo Originals.

The folks at Yoo Originals in their words “came up with the logo pretty quickly” which I contribute to them not only being amazing designers but the power of Copperplate Gothic Bold. The W is the shape of a tooth … brilliant. But more importantly what really makes the design sing is the use of Copperplate Gothic Bold. Strong, bold, “expertly-and-decisively-determined-to-swiftly-remove-impacted-incisors” is what I get from this design. A little known fact is that 6 out of 5 dentists recommend Copperplate Gothic Bold in it’s clinically proven prevention of tartar build up.

So Yoo keep going Yoo Originals, let the power of Copperplate Gothic Bold be your guide. Thank you for inspiring us to post after a long period of not posting. Your design awakened us and filled a cavity in our lives for Copperplate Gothic Bold that has been neglected for too long.

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