Copperplate Gothic Bold

Milk Chocolate Makers With Valor


Fact: In medieval times there were many knights. These knights fought with calor. Many also loved chocolate.

Fact: In modern times there are many chocolatiers. These chocolatiers fight for market share. Only one is Valor.

Valor Milk Chocolate is that chocolate. You can tell they take their product seriously because they use Copperplate Gothic Bold in their branding.

So kudos to Valor for bringing the valor back to chocolate making.

Hershey’s? … No Copperplate. Not good.
Godiva? … No Copperplate. Sissy chocolate.
Lindt? … No Copperplate. I throw lindt out of my dryer everytime I wash clothes.
Dove? … No Copperplate. Doves are eaten by Bald Eagles everyday.
Toblerone? … No Copperplate. I believe this is what they based the urban slang”dirty trombone” off of.


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