Copperplate Gothic Bold Courtesy Redesign, Bald Eagles and Whiskey


The lovely folks at were kind enough to write about us on their blog of interesting design items and we wanted to share the love by offering them a redesign of their logo.

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a good redesign on this site so here it goes.

Since their blog is dedicated to the world of design they should feature a designers font, Copperplate Gothic Bold. This made a huge difference right off the bat. Since their blog is geared towards the aqua centric aspects of life we added a water overlay effect and an aqua / green color feel to it. Overall this felt alright but it was missing something…a bald eagle and whiskey. When we added the bald eagle and the whiskey to the design it literally screamed off the screen. We had to shut down our computers and restart them so that they could take in the awesomeness of Copperplate Gothic Bold, a bald eagles talons, and a glass of whiskey all marinating their pixels together.

A true liquid treat of a bald eagle gracing you with their presence and letting you know they are near with their cry of freedom and a freshly poured glass of whiskey. That friends is a match made in heaven.

The total value of this redesign was $7,300.00. That included time in the wild waiting for the perfect moment to photograph the bald eagle swooping down to grab the glass of whiskey.

So thank you Liquid Treat, Stephanie and all the folks who made this redesign happen. We took something beige and made it unbeige with a little CGB and some of it’s closest allies.


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