Copperplate Gothic Bold

Boston Barber Co. Trusted By Paul Revere

Paul Revere is rumored to have gotten his haircut minutes before making his night ride to warn of the British coming into Boston at the north church. It’s said that he got his hair cut at the Boston Barber Company, just on the sign alone!

Another little known fact was that Paul knew he needed to ride very fast to make it in time and asked the barber for an aerodynamic style to make the journey faster. The resulting hair cut was “the fade.” The barber famously coined the name in this phrase, “Trim if ya time, fade if by sea.”

It was Revered among men at the time in Boston after his ride but was never captured in historical documents. They lacked the ink necessary to recreate the intricate detail of the fade.

This would have not been possible without Boston Barber Co. not using Copperplate Gothic Bold. To this very day they use Copperplate on all their signage. The rest is history.


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