Copperplate Gothic Bold

Chris Allard, The Guitarist Mastermind

Chris allard is a guitarist mastermind. So much so that he had british web designer mastermind Dave Hall create him a website featuring the best font in the entire world, Copperplate Gothic Bold.

You can almost hear Chris shredding away just looking at the header for his website. Just off the logo itself, I would say that Chris Allard is the best guitarist in the world. It’s not an exageration. This is the power of Copperplate Gothic Bold, transforming rockers into rockstars. International rockstars now that we’ve shown the world Chris Allard’s work. So stop toiling away on your rainy little island Chris, the Queen doesn’t rule your life. Take a giant step into the bright bright sunlight that is the world and take your stage, you’ve earned it.

So thanks to Dave and thanks to Chris for lighting the way and blazing the trail for Copperplate Gothic Bold. Your site and your playing goes to 11.

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