Copperplate Gothic Bold

Boston Red Sox Use Performance Enhancing Fonts!!!

fenway park coca cola copperplate gothic bold boston red sox

The Boston Red Sox have enjoyed success in their existence as a baseball team and we are breaking the news why…performance enhancing fonts!

Copperplate is everywhere in Fenway park! Seriously! You can’t go 10 feet without more Copperplate. There are reasons why the Red Sox have done so well and the biggest is their deliberate use of Copperplate.

Athletics? No Copperplate.
Nationals? No Copperplate. But they have Teddy Roosevelt Winning.
Mariners? Are they still a team? No Copperplate.
Brewers? Drunk in left field…no Copperplate.
Montreal? They are part of Canada, Canadians can’t play baseball! No Copperplate.
Yankees? Probably use C**** S**s, no one likes them, no Copperplate.

Our in depth analysis has conclusively proven that Copperplate has given the Red Sox a significant advantage.

This should be a lesson for other Major League Baseball teams considering other performance enhancing products. Copperplate Gothic Bold is the performance enhancing font of champions!


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