Copperplate Gothic Bold

Spring 2012: Get Your Free Flowers!!!

spring has sprung send free white flowers

Spring has officially sprung! In honor of Spring 2012 we wanted to share these free flowers with you.

These are not those flowers you see locked up in cages with droopy stalks and brown spots with sad Sarah McLauchlin music playing in the background. These are American bred, bald eagle flying, meat and potatoes eating carnivorous flowers imported from Detroit.

These are America’s free flowers that we are sharing with you … absolutely free!

Flowers much like Frederic Goudy (RIP) may have picked for his family when divinely interpreting the world’s greatest font (and America’s Official Font) Copperplate Gothic Bold.

Not only are these spring flowers free, these flowers need to be shared. So take home your flowers, post proudly on your Facebook page, tweet as loud as you can, fill the blogosphere with flowers and continue to spread Copperplate Gothic Bold.



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