Copperplate Gothic Bold

GCB = CGB = Watch TV!!!

My eyeballs jumped out of my head… literally when I saw this poster. I had to put them back in after they jumped out.

Clearly the designer knew about our website, F Dubs, and wanted to pay the ultimate tribute to the best font in the ENTIRE WORLD!!!

So not only is GCB a clever play on CGB, it’s also about power people doing powerful things. The perfect choice for using copperplate gothic bold for the font.

Honestly, it looks like a terrible show. But the fact that they used CGB on such a grand scale for GCB is quite fantastic and we want to publicly thank whoever it is that decided on CGB for the font for the show.

We’ll at least tune into one episode for the logo and possibly two shows because Kristin Chenowerth is fun to watch in whatever she does. Thanks ABC, clearly you have hired some truly excellent designers to work on your shows.



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