Copperplate Gothic Bold

New Orleans Crawfish and Copperplate!!!


7 out of 6 Crawfish naturally prefer Copperplate Gothic Bold.

We love crawfish and we love New Orleans. We also love when we see an excellent display of a website using the combination together!

In this particular instance the website crayfishworld (most likely a northerner from their use of “crayfish” instead of the southern preferred “crawfish”) has created a haven for mud-bug afficianados to share their experience and love for the most tasty of the crustacean world.

These creatures come in a variety of colors in addition to their natural brown and red markings including blue, white, and red. It’s pretty amazing the passion that these mud-bug afficianados show for these fascinating creatures. The most interesting thing that we found was that the author of the site used Copperplate Gothic Bold for their logo.

This is a natural choice because despite the crawfishes diminutive size, it is quite fierce and definitely American. These factors are both important for the use of Copperplate Gothic Bold.

In a recent publishing of a scientific journal they did a test of mud-bugs and which font that they preferred after being blindfolded and shown two fonts. The two fonts shown were comic sans, and Copperplate Gothic Bold. In every instance the mud-bugs would go over to the Copperplate side, high five the graphic, then go over to the comic sans side and would use all their might to destroy the example. Pretty incredible that these creatures are wise enough to know that Copperplate Gothic Bold is the ultimate font.

So thank you crawfish world, keep up the good work, and may your mud-bugs, crawfish, crayfish or whatever you may call them live a long and crustaceous life!!!

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