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New Hampshire Is Part of America!!!


It’s been many years since our last visit to New Hampshire. Last time we were almost run off Mount Washington in the 80’s by a driver who had comic sans bumper stickers plastered to their car.

Lucky for us we made it to the top in our Dodge full sized van, they were not so lucky and perished in a fiery autocrash that consumed the dodge caravan they were driving and every last bit of their comic sans bumper stickers adhered to the fake plastic wood paneling on the vehicle. In fact, police stated they might have lived if not for the flammable comic sans stickers.

We are happy to report that the fine residents of New Hampshire in Manchester are alive and well and in much better shape than the last time we visited. It’s appropriate we found this sighting at the Lands End store in Manchester. You’ll notice that Outlet is prominently featured in the strongest font ever made, Copperplate Gothic Bold.

We hope the fine folks at Lands End realize that the phenomenal sales they are receiving at this store are tied to their use of Copperplate Gothic Bold on their store signage. We believe this will lead to the branding for Lands End being converted to CGB. It fits the brand: strength, America, and nature all nuanced in a font. It’s also fitting because the upper part of New Hampshire just drops off into nothing, truly the lands end. Past the upper part of New Hampshire is a desolate place jealous and fearful and what CGB represents.

Driving we noticed these stores had no business or cars out front:

Pet Smart? No CGB!!!
Best Buy? No CGB!!!
Best Western? No CGB!!!
Forever 21? No CGB!!!

Thank you New Hampshire for your embracing of CGB. Even though you are north, Live Free or Die is alive through the use of CGB. Don’t die, live free, CGB!!!


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