Copperplate Gothic Gold!

Copperplate Gothic Gold

A Genuine Certified Copperplate Gothic Bowl of Gold!

St. Patricks Day is right around the corner and wouldn’t you know it that Copperplate Gothic Bold is as Irish as it gets. So much so that we created a genuine, certified, 100% pure Copperplate Gothic Gold graphic.

Nothing says “way-to-go-vegan-designer-friend” more so than a full pot o’ Copperplate Gold. Reward your employees with a graphic of a pot o’ Copperplate Gothic Gold. Answer the perennial question of “Where da gold at?” with this graphic.

It’s no secret that gold prices are at an all-time high, we know it’s tied to Copperplate Gothic Bold usage. This graphic is direct proof of why gold prices are so high.  As usage of Copperplate Gothic Bold goes up, this pot o’ gold fills up.

So keep on using Copperplate Gothic Bold, it is after all the official font of St. Patricks day, and let’s see what incredibly good things we can do together!

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