Copperplate Gothic Bold

Now Hiring Incredible People with the Power of CGB!


Now Hiring Awesome People, So Diverse

Look how seriously awesome this graphic is. Not only did they underline “Now Hiring”, but they assembled an incredibly visually talented looking group of diverse people. This company is dead serious about landing a candidate who looks like they are different than their peers. Copperplate Gothic Bold is the only font that might be able to handle a task like this.

Jobs may be hard to come by in today’s job market but if you are an employer hiring, and you need people, using a graphic like this would be a sure-fire way to solve all of your hiring and recruitment needs.

In fact, go ahead and cancel all the job fairs, all the recruiters at your company, all the needless “headhunters”. Creating a graphic like this will solve your hiring dilemma.

So way to go whoever you are company, you clearly have used Copperplate in a brilliant and effective way.

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