Copperplate Gothic Bold

Get Married … Forever!!!

wedding monogram cara and evan copperplate gothic boldWhile stumbling through the internets I saw a couple who decided to make sure that their nuptuals would last forever! By using a wedding monogram featuring copperplate gothic bold they have sealed the deal before even having to  say I do!

The choice of Copperplate is a fantastic way to show your guests that you are completely serious about your love. This no nonsense sensibility flies in the face of the latest wedding divorce rates and says for sure definitively, this won’t be us.

So thank you Cara and Evan for showing how strong and determined you are to be successful in your marriage. You can show people even more with a gobo light rental to show on the dancefloor in brilliant light how beautiful your marriage will be.  We love your wedding monogram and hope the best for you in a long and happy life together!

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