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Twitter Logo Redesign…Copperplate Makes it Awesome!

twitter logo redesign official

Twitter Logo Courtesy Redesign, Look How Much More Awesome It Is With Copperplate Gothic Bold and a Bald Eagle!

One of the ways to spread how great Copperplate Gothic Bold can be for every written instance of communication in the English language and design is through showing it. We take an existing logo for products we wither like or use on a regular basis that have proven they are worthy of being Copperplated and then through careful analysis, user testing, peer review, and a spin through the large hadryon collider we come up with a “Courtesy Redesign.”

These redesigns would normally cost in excess of $50,000 (easily) for work of this quality. Companies contact us all the time about how they enjoy the refreshes and that they will be working it into their new marketing plan. With that said, we have decided to address a services I Love Copperplate Gothic Bold the website has just gotten into…Twitter.

Twitter does an OK job, they’ve created something cool, it’s stuck around, and it’s a unique way to communicate. The problem is, it’s not the way to communicate…YET! So with a little help from Copperplate I think they can achieve that goal.

We incorporated the blue from their current logo in into the Twitter logo redesign. We also stuck with the bird but it wasn’t strong enough. Everyone likes strong things. Popular people, leaders, business people, bears, Bald Eagles. So we replaced the weak ass bird with an Americanized Bald Eagle. We think that they can substitute out the bird with different countries animals. France could be a lemur, China could be a Parrot, Australia could be a Kangaroo, Barbados could be a sick animal. It all helps to establish a strong brand presence in the country that Twitter sets up shop.

So thank you Twitter for the service so far, with this courtesy redesign (your welcome) we think that you’ll be able to take over the world and possibly the universe with the power of Copperplate Gothic Bold behind you. May the twit be with you.

Bald Eagle

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3 Responses to Twitter Logo Redesign…Copperplate Makes it Awesome!

  1. Richard Paul-Jones March 3, 2010 at 10:56 am #

    Awesome? You must be joking. The eagle looks awful. a crass outline with an appalling colour clash, It’s cheap, gawdy clip art, appealing to the lowest common denominator. And as for the wonderful Copperplate, the colour is dreadful and the clash of the double Ts is amateur hour. I think I’ll spend my 50 grand elsewhere.

  2. Creative republic April 5, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    The copperplate is the new comic sans !

  3. admin April 5, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

    You are incorrect. C**** S*** isn’t really even a real font. It’s a joke. The end.

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