Copperplate Gothic Bold

Getting DMViggy With It!!!

We used the Virginia DMV to create a dream license plate.

It’s not often we put up fonts unrelated to Copperplate Gothic Bold. In fact I don’t think we have. But it is the essence of the typeface to create beauty in the celebration of it’s glory. Henceforth, the Virginia I Love Copperplate Gothic Bold License plate.

This license plate very easily and succinctly establishes to non-believers that there is much “luv” for the font. Those in the know will honk their horns wildly and with much fanfare show their appreciation for the font.

So thanks Virginia for being so great, for clearing out the Indians off their land, for taking it from the native people and rightly establishing it in the name of England only to lead to this moment of greatness in license plate history. This truly is a great day for the Great Copper”plate”.

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