Copperplate Gothic Bold

The Best Paper Gets You Hammered!!!

Hammermill is definitely trendy and getting it done with CGB!

Hammermill is definitely trendy and getting it done with CGB!

Oh you don’t come around an example like this very often. If you’ve ever used paper you understand that it’s everywhere and there is a lot of it, but there is a lot of crap paper out there. Chances are you probably don’t use nice paper, or have experienced the vitality and understated elegance that it can bring to the textural experience. Great paper can really make my day and I love 28lb Hammermill, almost as much as Copperplate Gothic Bold!

I love it because it’s heavy duty, people realize it’s not the same crap their used to and having the extra whiteness can really add dynamicism to whatever you print on it. That’s why they chose Copperplate Gothic Bold for their design. Not only did they choose it, they went “BAM!!!!” and kicked it up a notch.

If you look closely the E in Hammermill has been modified to not only incorporate the idea of the International Paper logo, but also to add motion to the design. International Paper should get a Nobel Peace prize for bringing peace and beauty to their designs on top of producing, quite frankly, the best paper in the world. So keep at it Hammermill, bring me more Copperplate, more paper, and keep dropping the Hammer on all the other wannabe papers out there.

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