Copperplate Gothic Bold

Nothing is More Permanent Than A Tattoo!!!

Get a Tatoo of CGB to make it permanent!

Get a Tatoo of CGB to make it permanent!

When you want permanent perfection you can always get a tattoo. You could get one that says “Mom” or “Do Not Resuscitate” you could get one that says “Left” and “Right” for both sides of your hands. But you better get it done in the worlds most popular font, Copperplate Gothic Bold.

This particular site not only looks good but they promote their services with CGB exclusively. I don’t have a tattoo, but if I did have one than I would definitely go get another one from these folks because they clearly get it. With the power of CGB behind you how can you go wrong!

Like Jordin Sparks says in her song Tattoo “I got drunk, went out to the parlor, they wrote star on my little finger, i don’t care what other fonts they use, I only want a Copperplate Gothic Bold Tattoo.”

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