Copperplate Gothic Bold

JMU Homecoming 2007 No CGB???

JMU Homecoming 2007 no CGB!?!

JMU Homecoming 2007 no CGB!?!

Homecoming is a very special event for those who attended JMU. Not only because it’s a blast, you get to reconnect with and network with alumni who shared the common bond of the same JMU experience.

While looking for a graphic that would sum up the JMU experience, I was unable to find a Copperplate Gothic Bold sighting for a JMU site. This brought me much dismay and sadness. Rather than let it get to me that CGB isn’t in the branding kit, I decided to create my own piece of CGB history, the official Copperplate Gothic Bold JMU Homecoming 2007 Badge.

This graphic will not only bring the football team good luck but it will also bless my 12×12 tent, beer-pong size replica football table, 2 captains chairs, lil’ Weber Grille and all those who partake in the wonder of our tailgate. I can only hope that this will inspire the school to rethink their position on Copperplate Gothic Bold, not only because CGB offers the feel of a sans-serif with the believability of a serifed but because it is awesome. Go Dukes and Go Bold!

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