Copperplate Gothic Bold

It’s Gold’s Gym for a Reason!!!

Its not bolds gym but it should be!

It's not bolds gym but it should be!

It is no coincidence that Gold’s Gym picked up Copperplate Gothic Bold to pimp their gym memberships. They actually used their own version of the font for their signs, Copperplate Gothic Gold…true story.

If you want to look like that guy on the elliptical machine and work out next to the girl on the other elliptical machine than you have to join Gold’s. What else says, “I just benched 70lbs and I am mighty strong” more so than Copperplate? It commands respect, honor and strength, exactly what folks are looking for in their Gym. Way to go Gold’s using Copperplate Gothic Bold to effectively sell their Gym, Curves is screwed.

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