Copperplate Gothic Bold

Getting High with the Air Forces Thunderbirds!!!

Riding high the Air Forces Thunderbirds must be running their planes on CGB!

Riding high the Air Force's Thunderbirds must be running their planes on CGB!

I have the greatest respect for our armed forces because they really do step up to the plate and do what a majority of folks in the country would be too weak to do. As this site suggests, the Air Force has a great sense of pride in what they do. No surprise they used Copperplate Gothic Bold to demonstrate this pride.

Throughout the site they use Copperplate Gothic Bold, some designers would say that it was overused. Some designers might even suggest that using Copperplate Gothic Bold at all in a design would be sophomoric while they opt for more obscure and less known fonts to be “different.” I tell those designers to go look it up in the bible “Do not judge, lest thee be judged.” Go be obscure in the corner by yourself.

If it’s good enough for the Air Force than it’s good enough for everyone. Copperplate Gothic Bold projects strength, pride and the American way. I will end this days posting by letting you know I’m jetting off to bed as I write this.

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