Copperplate Gothic Bold

DUI PSA, Lawyers Need Authority, Lawyers Get Gothic!

This lawyer gets it done with the CGB!

This lawyer gets it done with the CGB!

Don’t know what it is about lawyers and Copperplate Gothic Bold. Maybe it’s our way of giving a PSA towards drunk driving. Did you know if you have a DUI in Virginia than you face almost 10,000 dollars in legal costs? It’s crazy. But if you get a good lawyer like these folks who use Copperplate than your set.

This particular instance of saving folks from a DUI includes a version of the font that isn’t bold. Now while Bold is 99% of the time the correct version of the font to use, in this instance using a finer grade of Copperplate will help show that their are finer nuances in keeping you from getting locked up after drinking at the local bar.

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