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Remax and Bill Edens sell security with CGB!!!

Remax and Bill Edens Sell Arlington like it's hot.

Bill Edens with Remax realty knows a deal when he sees it. When off on a jog this evening I ran across this sign and almost got hit by a car after I jumped around in a jubilous bout.

This really is a great example of CGB really gettin the job done in an economic downturn, although with all the money in Arlington, va you can’t even tell anything is happening in a negative way.

While generally enjoying Long and Foster, this may change my loyalty if Bob and the Remax team keep up the great CGB work. Maybe a post coming up can be a courtesy redesign for our trusty folks at remax and long and foster, then we can see how they perform on a level playing field, I guess you could call it the Long Remax Remix.

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