Copperplate Gothic Bold

Ron Paul Mints His Own Money – Copper For Everyone!!!

Ron Paul with the best font in the world, Copperplate Gothic Bold

Ron Paul with the best font in the world, Copperplate Gothic Bold

We had such overwhelming support for the Obama work that we did the other day. And if you’ll notice since the posting, his numbers have risen dramatically!!! No coincidence just this graphic existing created the windfall of support for Obama’s campaign.

The earmark of a great presidential race is having 2 fully qualified candidates and really only 2 exist, Obama is one and Ron Paul is the other. Looking at Ron Paul’s website he is spreading the message of freedom and helping the world become a better place, he delivered baby’s for God’s sake, Hillary eats babies who would you vote for?

So in honor of the man, the myth, the legend, Ronald Paul we have donated our time towards the cause of giving him the same boost we gave to Obama and gave him some graphic firepower to add to his arsenal.

The graphic up top does an ok job, they were on the right path picking an inferior font that could in some circles be referenced as being slightly similar to copperplate. Ron Paul is a man of integrity and a serifed font suits him well, so well that we upgraded his campaign to the very best. He can raise money like a pro now we can look like one. Copperplate gives him the tools to spread the message of freedom and to destroy the federal reserve with a single strike of the copperplate.

You go Ron Paul, your revolution has been inspiration for many to get involved politically and as we can tell by the graphic you are the only cadidate who has a bats chance in hell of becoming president. Consider this a contribution to your campaign gratis and go forth and use this tool for good, Copperplate is by far the best font in the world.

As a sidenote we decided to use some of the very best photoshop techniques in the image above. It’s particuarly effective when you look at it in a touch assitive device, it almost jumps off the screen with the highly ornate and decorative “bevel and emboss.” Not many people know about this treasured artistic technique and coupled with Copperplate is a very powerful thing. You may think that there is a shadow behind Ron Paul, but quite the contrary, our readers of the site are so bright that they actually cause the image to cast a shadow. There are no other tricks used, Ron Paul naturally glows like the morning sun as you’ll see on the edge of the photo.

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