Copperplate Gothic Bold

I Love Copperplate Gothic Bold

i love copperplate gothic bold

“THE Font”, otherwise known as Copperplate Gothic Bold speaks to people in glorious and wonderful ways. One font rises above the noise and clatter of common man transcending space and time. Used by the best designers and font houses around the globe, Copperplate Gothic Bold really does say that special something when everything is on the line.

This page is dedicated to the glory of Copperplate Gothic Bold. Sightings, commentary and real life applications demonstrating how truly loved and ubiquitous this font has become. Billboards, store displays, TV, even at the doctors office, when you need to communicate trust, love and the American way, CGB is the font of choice.

We encourage you to forward pictures and sightings of CGB in your everyday travels to Include your name, pictures and commentary on your sighting and anything that users might find particularly interesting. In Copperplate Gothic Bold we trust.

Observe our spiritually font infused journey…

Where to Buy Copperplate Gothic Bold?

Buy Copperplate Gothic BoldThanks to the wonderful folks at Linotype you too can have the font that built our society and protects the United States from Terrorism on an everyday basis. For less than the cost to feed a family in Albania for 6 months, you too can own this impressive font. Imagine opening up a word document and with a click of a button transforming your boring dribble into an impressive statement of freedom, intelligence and virtue. It’s not just a dream, it’s a reality that you can create today for yourself…